Sometimes I dream I am in Sedona Again …

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by Jane St. Clair

Sometimes I dream I am in Sedona again …

Bell Rock Landscape Jane St Clair
Usually I am standing by a vortex .. One of the seven energy votices in Sedona. Each one is sacred to the Native Americans, who have always called Sedona their home. They don’t go there to hike but rather for vision-quests or to work out their medicine.

The sky is always this bright turquoise and the rocks with their turrets and furrows are always this intense rust red ..

Sedona God's Rocks Jane St. Clair

Sometimes I look up and see the red rocks cast an enchanted jagged outline against the sky .. rocks that have this magical quality to form a dreamscape you’ve seen before .. You get deja vue the first time you stand there … even if you know you’ve never been there before … because you are looking at a place that exists and has always existed somewhere inside you … A place of “Then sings my soul… How great Thou art …”

Sedona Dreamscape by Jane St. Clair
The New Age People say a vortex is where the earth’s energy is more concentrated, and it is supposed to awaken you. The word conjures up a volcano shape and a whirlwind of energy — funneling and fierce.

The vortex at Bell Rock actually has a funnel shape …
Sedona Bell Rock Vortex by Jane St. Clair

While the Cathedral Rock vortex looks like this …
Cathedral Rock, AZ

Another vortex sets near the entrance of Oak Creek …
Sedona Oak Creek by Jane St Clair

Boynton Canyon vortex has Kachina Woman jutting out like this ….

Kachina Woman in Boynton Canyon Jane St Clair

When you stand in a vortex in Sedona, all you may feel is a lightening up … it may just be a slight feeling of relaxation … as if you are being carried along weightlessly …

I have been to Sedona many times .. And once I even went there in a dark gray rainstorm. At first I felt disappointed until I went out walking and I could see that…. even without its colors, Sedona is just as magical and just as enchanted, but in a different way.
Sedona in Shadows Jane St. Clair

Yet it is the colors that always call me back. They are a kindergartner’s colors .. a primary crayon box of bright red, green, yellow and blue.

Sedona in Authmn Jane St Clair
Sedona with fall colors Jane St. Clair
Sedona Farewell by Jane St Clair

For more pictures of Sedona, see Where Castles Come From.”

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