Reid Park Zoo — Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona is so small that you can do the whole thing in an hour and a half. We’ve been there a zillion times, but it doesn’t matter .. every single time is just as good.

I love the giraffes because they are beautiful and quiet.

I really understand introverts, and giraffes are the lovely, dignified introverts of the animal world. Hi there, Mr. Shy. I love you.

The rhino is truly interesting to behold from behind and …

…. this little guy thinks so too.

The tiger roars and lunges at the glass that separates us, and wow! that’s exciting! He looks awful hungry and the glass looks awful flimsy.

Otters always act like they’re at a party. This one just pushed his brother into the water. You can see how sneaky he is from his portrait. Ready to pounce again? Party down, dude.

Next stop is the capybara, world’s biggest hamster.

A peacock is wandering around, trying to decide what to do….

He goes for the Romeo display … but alas poor Yorick! She’s not impressed.

The anteater with his huge tail to sweep up ants and his great big long snout to eat them —- how unfair to ants! And tell me, Mr. Anteater, why do you need those huge claws …to catch itsy bitsy ants??

The zebras with their striped bodies and Mohawk haircuts are so dramatic!

You have to pass through several doors to get to the birdhouse, like you’re entering bird prison. The inmates are adorable.

Turtles teach us to slow down and be happy. Obviously they’ve been meditating.

It’s time to play turtle ourselves.

A quick stop at the snack bar for ice covered in decadent colored sugar, and now — sadly— we say good-bye.

Reid Park Zoo — we’ve been here a zillion times, but it doesn’t matter. Every single new time is just as good.