Our Lady of Guadalupe – The Southwest’s Most Loved Lady

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by Jane St. Clair

Our Lady of Guadalupe is everywhere in the Southwest.  I have even seen her image over a bar next to a velvet Elvis painting.

my elvis

She is of course in chapels

digrzia lady
but people also name schools and businesses after her.


I have seen Our Lady of Guadalupe earrings, bumper stickers, baseball caps, throw blankets and tote bags tote

mouse pads, spaghetti strap tee shirts, ipad cases, cups, gudae cup1 garden statues,
Christmas windows,
Our lady window
murals, clocks, coasters, magnets,
iron-on transfers, GuadalupeLadies iron on fabric
calendars, and
coloring books.
gudaelipe coloring book

Those who say it is wrong to do that — don’t understand it. We keep images of Our Lady of Guadalupe near us all the time the way you hang up pictures of people xyz you love around your house.

Our Lady of Guadalupe first appeared to St. Juan Diego in Mexico in 1531. When he opened his tilma, roses spilled out of it even though it was winter! Her beautiful image remains on the tilma today. Scientists have analyzed the tilma with carbon dating and such, but it’s not a scientific thing. People believe God the Father made the image the way God is doing in this painting:

Our Lady of Guadalupe has the titles of Queen of Mexico and Empress of the Americas and yet she is so very young – maybe just 15 years old. Instead of a halo, she has aura of light surrounding her whole body .. an aura like the golden aura of rays around a happy Southwest sun.

ornamanet cropped

She did not come as an Anglo mother –the way the Europeans paint her, but as a beautiful Aztec princess who speaks the Aztec language.

Our Lady tile

If she were music, I don’t think her song would be Ave Maria. It would be happier lighter music full of light because she is the one who brings the hope of the world. Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Gracias! Te amamos!


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