Red Moon Dancing -Lunar Eclipse 2015

October 1st, 2015 · No Comments

by Jane St. Clair

Every 14th full moon is a supermoon –an extra big and bright moon like the one in E.T. And every now and then we get a lunar eclipse and a red supermoon, as we did on Sunday, September 28, 2015. This rare red lunar eclipse is one of nature’s most spectacular light shows, and we won’t see another one until the year 2033.


Here in Arizona the moon was brighter than usual Sunday night and not particularly big, but it was blood red..Lunar Eclipse Beautiful Red Yellow Moon Jane St. Clair It lost one of its sides to an arc as if a giant had taken a bite out of it. It disappeared completely but then later it came back. I thought how these events must have terrified ancient people who were watchers of the skies, more so than we are. I understand that even some modern people believe that this rare red lunar eclipse means the end-of-the-world times are here, but whatever.


Looking at a red moon is awesome in the original sense of the word –awe as in the absolute wonder of it. Ancient people beat drums and offered sacrifices to their gods to feel less fear when they saw a lunar eclipse; we consult charts and do math.

Yet it is always startling to watch an eclipse. It feels like an old reliable friend –someone you always can count on– has suddenly changed colors! I mean, what if your dog turned redLunar Eclipse September 2015 Beautiful Red White Moon Jane St. Clair or worse, your boyfriend? We take eclipses for granted because we can predict them, but yet the event is still amazing. The truth is a lunar eclipse, especially one with a giant red moon, is so strange that it spooks the horses and makes all the little crawling things and birds take cover. Apparently, they can’t do math either, and they’re still awed and frightened by it.

I love the way the moon dances though her phases during a lunar eclipse, Lunar Eclipse Sept 2015 Beautiful PacMan Moon Jane St Clairlike Pac-Man dancing through the sky, jumping and cavorting to his little tune: doo doo da doop doop doop! The eclipse does not take long, just a few hours and that’s it. But I wonder if ancient people worried that the sun would never return. Would their sacrifices be enough? Or would they be without food forever because the sun would never ever come back?

Lunar Eclipse Sept 2015 Playful double Exposure Jane St Clair

The next morning the moon was his usual bright smiling self again, and so all was right with the world one more time.

Morning moon after lunar eclipsewith Henry Van Dyke Quote Jane St. Clair

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