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Updates: Carbon Culture Review has a terrific issue on the intersection of technology, art and literature– Read Jane’s piece ScreenBytes

Wising Up Press has just published a new book about relationships between brothers and sisters – Jane’s piece “Talking Berkeley Down” is included. See SIBLINGS: Our First Macrocosm

Read Jane’s funny flash fiction “Husky” The Reject Pile

Links to Jane St Clair Website!

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Jane posts articles against assisted suicide at www.The Compassionate

Professor Jeff J. Koloze included Walk Me to Midnight in his scholarly paper, “Death Scenes in Literature from the Nineteenth Century to Current Literature,” posted at

OakTara is a small publisher begun by Ramona Tucker and Jeff Nesbit, two veterans of the industry. See the OakTara website at www. OakTara

The Christian Post publishes Jane’s articles on their website see Jane’s blog on the Christian Post

Walk Me to Midnight got a nice spot on a new forum called “Public Literature Organization,” which invites authors considered very good to post their work. See

Gina Conway has a website about women and writing called “A Portrait of A Writer Interrupted.” She has an interview with Jane posted at /writing-mom-jane-st-clair

Jane has been on the board of directors of Hospice Patients Alliance, a consumer advocacy group for hospice patients and their families. The organizer, Ron Panzer, is one of the heroes of the hospice movement. See

Not Dead Yet is an amazing organization of activists against assisted suicide. This group provides the perspective of people with disabilities and handicaps. They are far from dead yet — they are amazing and outspoken and sometimes outrageous. See

Contrary to what most Americans believe, the anti-euthanasia movement is particularly active outside the United States. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, a very effective organization, is in Canada. Their website is

Euthanasia. com is easily the most comprehensive, anti-assisted suicide website on the Internet. There you will find literally hundreds of articles, scholarly papers, links, and even practical information such as “How to Prepare a Living Will.” Go to

British Broadcasting System has a website about how different world religions view mercy killings and suicide, and a deep discussion of its ethics and implications. See

The International Task Force Against Assisted Suicide has a terrific website at

Care Not Killing has taken on the thankless job of opposing physician-assisted suicide in Great Britain as it spreads throughout Europe – see www. Care Not

The Nightingale Alliance was founded on Florence Nightingale’s principles of caring for the sick and the terminally ill at

Choice is An Illusion is a non-profit group of volunteers who work tirelessly against laws legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide. See Choice is an Illusion Organization


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