Ghost Adventures in Bisbee Arizona

April 30th, 2012 · No Comments

by Jane St. Clair

Bisbee, Arizona, sits on top a hill in colorful pieces like a kid’s jigsaw puzzle. It was once the biggest city between the Mississippi and the Pacific, but it shrunk and it is still shrinking even as you read this.

Bisbee is arty and has a love-and-peace 1960s vibe, but don’t you believe that one minute! Bisbee is full of ghosts and the paranormal investigators and ghostbusters who track them! You can even sign up for ghost adventures in Bisbee Arizona! Scared yet?

Bisbee has always been and still is about copper. Today the Big Lavender Pit Mine uses bulldozers and technology ….

But back in the day, the miners rode little railroads into the cruel darkness of the underground caves blasted open by the Phelps Dodge Corporation, and back in the day Bisbee was full of violent men who’d shoot each other and hang each other over women and cards or because they were too drunk to know better.

Today people come to Bisbee from all over the world with their ghostbusting thermometers and proton packs, and some even take a ghost tour while riding in a hearse. They’re looking for spectres and ghosts of cheating card sharks, murdering cowboys, zombie miners, and dangerous women you don’t want to know. Scared yet?

The Oliver House alone was the scene of 26 murders.

It’s so creepy that its neighbors may have put up gargoyles as a feng shui measure to keep those ghosts in their usual home. Scared yet?

City Park at Brewery Gulch looks peaceful enough, but it’s a place where you can get extreme readings of paranormal activity. It used to be a cemetery, and the legend is that all the bodies and caskets floated down this innocent-looking hill during a flood. Scared yet?

A miner’s ghost turns on the jukebox at St. Elmo’s Bar, another ghost climbs into bed with guests at the Bisbee Inn, a prostitute-ghost roams the streets of Bisbee looking for the cowboy who killed her accidentally while cleaning his gun, and a Madam refuses to move out of Opera Drive Brothel. The Lady in White shows up at the top of the staircases,

and once she scared three boys so badly that they ran away — accidentally saving their lives as the ground behind them collapsed in a sudden torrential rain. Scared yet?

Even the Bisbee prom has a zombie theme.

Bisbee locals even put up scarey posters. How scarey is this one down here?

Every night teams of ghostbusters go around looking for spooks and spectres and the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man! Aha! We have a reading here by the Copper Queen Hotel that shows a non-repeating phantasm or a class-5 free roaming vapor, circa 1912 .. Scared yet?

Lions and Tigers and Bears and things that go va voom in the night. Scared yet?

Yes! Oorah!

We’ve made it to dawn — Bisbee’s not a bit scarey in the morning.

Good job, you Ghostbuster of Bisbee, you. Oorah!




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