Ghost Adventures at the Copper Queen Hotel, in Bisbee Arizona

by Jane St. Clair

Here at the old Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee – the staff is troubled by strange noises in the night and dread feelings when they go in the basement or up on the fourth floor ….They’re seeing spooks, specters, and ghosts all the time…

Who you gonna call for all your paranormal elimination needs?

Ghostbusters of the Copper Queen Hotel!

Luckily, on Thursday nights, you too can become a professional ghostbuster and spend the entire night using the hotel’s thermometers, drowsing rods, Electro-Magnetic Field detectors, K2 Meters, and pendulums to detect paranormal activity.

Sixteen ghosts and counting are living there.

The interior of the hotel is always spooky, but especially at two in the morning when the ghosts are walking around.

It doesn’t help that the hotel’s designers, like Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, decorate with antlers.

While the entire hotel has a history of psychic turbulence, most of the ghosts are up on the Fourth Floor down this spooky corridor.

Billy the Ghost was a little boy whose mom worked at the hotel,
and one day he drowned in the San Pedro. He’s still afraid of water –

especially the showers and pool in the hotel. Billy steals candy and
jewelry, and he tickles the feet of kids while they are eating dinner.

Uh oh! We’re getting a hot reading in the Theodore Roosevelt Room of a focused non-terminal repeating phantasm or a Class Five Roaming Vapor.
We’re pretty sure it’s the ghost of the Old Man with the Cigar because we can smell his nasty tobacco smoke. The thermometer is jumping around as he appears near the bathroom door there …

Our EMF detector is going nuts as the door slowly opens… and here comes a shadowy figure of a man in a cape and top hat. Errr– uh …. Hi. there.

It’s the bewitching hour and time to tackle the ghost of Julia Lowell. She worked at the hotel in the evenings, and her job was to take care of the male guests. Nowadays she goes to the beds of male guests, pulls off their blankets and does a little shimmy for them.

At the end of a terrible love affair with a married man, Julia walked up these stairs on the fourth floor and hanged herself.

This was the last thing she saw that night and it’s scarey, scarey to see.

Many have seen sad Julia walking up these stairs at night, and she smells of old lady perfume like lavender and roses.

It’s very very late and we’re freaking out, but the hotel staff understands and serves us ghostbusters soothing milk and cookies. Nice touch. It calms us down. The sun is coming up and everything is oh-what-a-beautiful morning.

New guests are checking in downstairs, and we must warn them about the fourth floor and the Lady in Black and that Billy will take your jewelry…

“So you think ghosts really exist?” they ask. “You cowboys believe in UFOs, astral projection? Nessie, Big Foot, mental telepathy, ESP, the theory of Atlantis — or in general— you believe in spooks, specters, wraiths, geists and ghosts?”

Errrr, uh … well. We back off, not wanting to look weird.

Just don’t check into the 4th floor, pardner.