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A Beautiful and Benign Science … Kitt Peak

March 31st, 2017 · No Comments

This beautiful mountain has a great serenity, grace and peace about it, as if it were a natural cathedral. The Tohono O’odham nation, upon whose land Kitt Peak sits, recognize it as the holy place that it is –for it is where their elder brother deity resides. Their creator deity lives on nearby Baboquivari Peak, the center of their cosmology

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Just Wild About the Tucson Jaguar

December 29th, 2016 · No Comments

I watch his beautiful glowing eyes and his muscular tawny body, and something about the Tucson jaguar is bright and burning. The Aztecs, who had elite Jaguar Knights, believed something similar about the jaguar too. They believed the jaguar gave fire to humankind.

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Arizona Thanksgiving for Things We Love

November 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

Arizona Thanksgiving by Jane St. Clair Like people everywhere, we who celebrate Arizona Thanksgiving have much to be thankful for, such as the election is over. Thanksgiving here is unique in that you can eat your dinner outside on a picnic table, just like a Pilgrim. This made me think about other neat things to […]

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The Owls Next Door by Jane St. Clair

September 29th, 2016 · No Comments

But the owls next door are different. They stare back at me as if they wish I’d fly away. They stare back at me with those eyes — oh! those yellow eyes! with big straight eyebrows that tilted up, as if they’re making strategies for Wall Street.

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Jackalopes and Sand Sharks: Legends of Old Arizona

July 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Arizona jackalopes used to be used during round-up instead of horses. Arizona Sand Sharks are dangerous to humans, and it’s important to stand at least three bus-lengths away from them.

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Sometimes I dream I am in Sedona Again …

February 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

I have been to Sedona many times .. And once I even went there in a dark gray rainstorm. At first I felt disappointed until I went out walking and I could see that…. even without its colors, Sedona is just as magical and just as enchanted, but in a different way.

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragons, Pusch Ridge AZ

December 31st, 2015 · No Comments

My own mountain is called Pusch Ridge but that is such a prosaic name for a huge everest that looks like a gigantic dinosaur. He is so much more than that, he of the hidden dragons.

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Red Moon Dancing -Lunar Eclipse 2015

October 1st, 2015 · No Comments

by Jane St. Clair Every 14th full moon is a supermoon –an extra big and bright moon like the one in E.T. And every now and then we get a lunar eclipse and a red supermoon, as we did on Sunday, September 28, 2015. This rare red lunar eclipse is one of nature’s most spectacular […]

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A Godful Cosmic Wildness: The Grand Canyon

September 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

The Grand Canyon seems like a gigantic statement for even Nature to make all in one mighty stone work. Wildness so Godful, cosmic, primeval, bestows a new sense of earth’s beauty and sizeā€¦

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Tucson’s Tale of Oleander and Boy Scouts

July 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

This week I tried to find the oleander and Boy Scouts story in old newspapers. I couldn’t find it. That bothered me because I had by now heard this story many times over the years. The storyteller always told it with great drama and a catch in their voice.

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