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Updates: Carbon Culture Review has a terrific issue on the intersection of technology, art and literature– Read Jane’s piece ScreenBytes

Wising Up Press has just published a new book about relationships between brothers and sisters – Jane’s piece “Talking Berkeley Down” is included. See SIBLINGS: Our First Macrocosm

Read Jane’s funny flash fiction “Husky” The Reject Pile

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The perfect crime.

No prints, no CSI, no trace.

Dr. Death is about helping people commit suicide, isn’t he?

What if someone doesn’t buy it?

The day before her honeymoon, the fabulously rich Bitsy Thatcher-Cole commits suicide with the famous “Dr. Death.”

Psychologist  Susan Rutledge doesn’t buy it. Susan knows she would have picked up on signs of her friend’s depression– after all she’s a nationally-known, radio psychologist.

Billy Carolina, a flamboyant crime writer a lot like Truman Capote, enlists Susan to avenge Bitsy’s murder.

Their trail leads through the strange worlds of hippie New Age culture in mystical Sedona, snake farming on the Sonoran desert in Mexico, cowboy ranch life in America’s West, and celebrity high life in the nightclubs of New York.  But Dr. Death is right behind him.

Walk Me to Midnight

How can you keep going when the whole world thinks you’re wrong?

How fast can you run when time is running out?

Walk Me to Midnight is fast-paced, taut and penetrating …And guaranteed to keep you reading until midnight … until you reach its horrifying conclusion ….

In the hot new genre of social controversy mixed with suspense!

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Walk Me to Midnight

Jane’s stories also appear in the following anthologies:

Modern Shorts – 18 Short Stories from Fiction Attic Press, 2014.
Times of Grace, Times of Sorrow –Writings by Women of the Great Plains. University of Nebraska Press.
Suicidally Beautiful, A Collection of Sports Stories from The Main Street Rag Press.
Firestories, published by Vocal Press.
Mourning Sickness, from Omni Arts Press.

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