Feliz Navidad! It’s An Arizona Christmas!

December 11th, 2014 · No Comments

by Jane St. Clair

Just now we’re going through another bitter Arizona winter with highs about 65 degrees. Outside my window the desert and the mountains look pretty much like they always do. After all, the only seasons we have here in Arizona are early summer, summer, high summer and late summer.

We may dream of a white Arizona Christmas, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

We’re more likely to light up a saguaro than an evergreen tree …

And while we deck the halls with boughs of holly, an Arizona Christmas still looks like the Midwest in the fall. We put up the holly anyway.

Christmas in Arizona fall foliage1

Like all Americans, we decorate and light up our trees. Okay, we decorate our cactus.

Arizona Christmas Cactus in Window1

We have to make do with the whole snowman thing. We make do with hot chocolate and pretending. Jingle bells. Jingle bells.

Tucson can looks like the Holy Land. You can picture a donkey carrying Mary here, and the Holy Family and the manger in some dusty old desert cave. We’re so much closer to all that than a Madrigal Dinner in Merry Olde England or some such thing. I think the first Christmas would’ve looked something like what you’d find here out West:

Like Bethlehem, an Arizona Christmas has black skies with bright steadfast stars that light up in glory after magnificent sunsets, sometimes with just a few stars and a bright backwards Arab moon. Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see Arizona Christmas

A star, a star dancing in the night!
Star for Arizona Christmas


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